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A new line of highly expressive budget-friendly pieces.



In response to overwhelming request, we are now offering a new line of highly expressive budget-friendly pieces.

"Elevate your living and work spaces with the captivating allure of Simply Wild, my new collection of large, budget-friendly, expressive pieces. Inspired by my unwavering passion for crafting extra-large paintings, each piece in this collection exudes the colorful and explosive characteristics found in my signature lines.

Each Simply Wild piece comes with a beautiful untextured white background that serves as the perfect canvas for the mesmerizing designs and custom colors chosen exclusively by you. Let your creativity flow as you collaborate with me to bring our visions to life, resulting in artwork that reflects your unique style and personality.

Crafted with care and devotion, each piece undergoes a meticulous process, featuring numerous shades and intensities of your desired color. From large to extra-large sizes, these stunning pieces will be tailored to grace your walls beautifully.

Rest assured, the Simply Wild Collection receives the same high-quality treatment as my signature line. With several coats of highly protective clear coating, the longevity and vibrancy of these expressive pieces are preserved, ensuring they remain a captivating focal point in your spaces for generations to come.

Embark on an artistic adventure with me and embrace the exciting new world of Simply Wild. Explore the Simply Wild Collection today and allow our artistic collaboration to breathe new life into your cherished spaces."



Simply Wild's budget-friendly pricing is the best part!

24 x 48 - $880.

36 x 36 - $1180.
36 x 48 - $1280.

48 x 48 - $1480.

48 x 60 - $1880.

36 x 72 - $2480.

36 x 96 - $2880.

48 x 72 - $2880.

60 x 60 - $2880.

60 x 72 - $3480.

60 x 84 - $3880.

72 x 72 - $3880.

3 easy steps

Choose the design style
Choose the color

Choose the size

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