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Client List

We've partnered with Seattle Staged to Sell for over 10 years to supply original art pieces for some of their high-end stages. Here's a list of real-estate brokers that listed the properties we have assisted on. 


Randi Brazen - Bellevue

Joseph Brazen - Bellevue

Carlene Sandstrom - Kirkland - YB

John Cowan - Seattle Wedgwood
Bill Cecel -
 Seattle Wedgwood

Joan Bayley - Bellevue South

Cynthia Schoonmaker - Mercer Island

Anna Riley - Yarrow Bay
Denise Niles - Yarrow Bay

Laine McNerney - Issaquah

Susan Stasik - Seattle Madison Park
Shawna Ader - Seattle Lakeview

​Patricia Allen - Seattle Lakeview

Coldwell Banker

Michael Ackerman - Seattle Greenwood

Melissa Clark - Seattle Capitol Hill

 Hania Younis - Seattle

Ronald Waxman - Seattle Lake Union

Ken Graff - Seattle Lake Union

Katie Penny Shea - Mercer Island

Molly Penny - Mercer Island

Franz Diessner - Bellevue

Joe Overland - Bellevue

Phillip Belenky - Seattle

Alex Fotouhi - Seattle

Lin Shih - Seattle Lake Union
Craig Paulson  - Bellevue
Lisa Turnure - Seattle Madison Park

Mark von der Burg - Bellevue

John Stewart  - Seattle Lake Union


 Brad Cahill - NWG - Seattle

Kelly Weisfield - Mercer Island

Nicholas Glant  - NWG - Seattle

Monte Johnson - Seattle

Bob Bennion - Seattle

Bob Deville - Seattle

Jim Dickinson - Seattle

Evan Wyman - Seattle

Greg Rosenwald - Mercer Island

Heidi Jones - Seattle

Danial Marinello - Seattle

Haleh Clapp - Bellevue
Shawn Filer - Seattle


Natalie Debray - Sotheby's

Jonathan Lai - DCL Management

Candace Taylor - Sotheby's

Helen Hitchcock - John L. Scott

Mike Bauer - John L. Scott

Andrew Hafzalla - Hafzalla Real Estate

Julia Tsurusaki - Pointe 3

Jenny Shih - ReMax NW

Mark Tomandi - Home Realty
Sabina Telenska - Home Realty

Ardell Della Loggia - Better Properties

Christian Nossum - Wilson Realty

 Kirsten Congdon - Town Realty

Ashok Meyyappan - Best Choice

Natalie Boss - John L. Scott

Lihai Wang-Schmid - L and C

Phillip Belenky - Ensemble

Nicholas Glant• Real Residential

Jay Kipp - Sotheby's

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