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"Creating custom art for a specific project is one of my greatest pleasures. I love the thrill of finding the perfect fit for a home or business and blending it with my client's style. To help make choosing a custom work of art an easy decision, I do not take deposits or expect the client to purchase the painting when I'm done. If I create a piece for a client that doesn't meet their expectations, I will simply place the piece in my art rental collection and paint another one. If I am not able to meet my client’s expectation, they will not be charged and I have new paintings in my rental collection. It's win/win for all.


It is important to me to know that my paintings are loved in the future as much as the day they were purchased. To support this, I offer a 100% guarantee for life on all my pieces. Here’s how it works: If a client decides that they like one of my new paintings better than the one they purchased or they are just looking for a change, I would be happy to make a trade and use the original purchase price as payment towards the price of a different piece.


I paint dozens of painting every year. Several are not on my website. Some of the pieces you see on my website have been leased out and will be back in the inventory when the lease expires.  People interested in seeing more of my art, are welcome to visit my warehouse. I love helping people find a work of art that matches their style. Pricing my art is simple. We charge a flat rate per size. Pricing


Thank you again for considering my art. Your interest will always be the greatest gift I can receive from the wonderful life I’ve chosen. I always feel that anyone interested in my paintings today, is a possible client in the future, so please do not feel any sense of obligation tied to your interest."



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