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"Matt Jones' art played a pivotal role in boosting the value of our home when we decided to sell. When staging our house, we wanted to create an unforgettable impression, and Matt's artwork achieved just that. His pieces brought a sense of sophistication, creativity, and warmth to every room, captivating potential buyers and setting our home apart in a competitive market."  Elaine McNabb


"We recently listed a beautiful Tudor from 1926. Matt's original art added warmth, energy, and natural colors without taking away from the architectural features of the home. It was also a true joy to work with Matt, who personally visited the home during the staging process." Johan Valentin

"Matt was a pleasure to work with. His art brightened our Mercer Island home and added color and texture to every room. I wouldn't hesitate to refer people to him! 5 star service, 5 star art." Jackie Brandadur

"We worked with Matt on staging art when we sold our Kirkland home. It was an amazing experience - from the choice in art, to the installation; it was flawless and stress-free. I'm certain that we sold our house as quickly as we did because of how inviting, warm, and, frankly, beautiful it looked after Matt's handiwork. we're so greatful."  Jason Trusely

“The vibrant, splashes of color and flow made each room pop.  Each one unique, adding personal character.  Truly refreshing!” Lyn Gill - Broker - Skyline Properties.​

“I met Matt on one of my first expeditions to Antarctica. Matt’s paintings are just like Matt. Fresh, exciting and fun!”  Art Wolfe  World-renowned photographer and host of Travels to the Edge TV Show.

​"I first encountered the talent and charm of Matt Jones in 2006 at one of his open studio events at Gasworks Gallery.  After finding my way through hundreds of fellow art lovers, I was soon in the presence of one of his massive and highly expressive paintings. I remember my first thought was simply, wow! My second thought was, I want one! That night, I went home and through the wonder of the internet, I discovered...  I believe today, that Matt Jones is one of the hottest artists on the planet!  I suggest you buy one of his paintings before the price jumps dramatically. I have two!” J’Amy Owen  - Internationally renowned branding expert - cover of Inc. magazine.

“Passion, love, fluid movement, vibrancy, richness, flow, contrast, energy, are just a few of descriptors for what I saw in his beginning works.”  Dr Larry Iverson  Director of The Institute for Advanced Development.


“Matt Jones is an artist, humanitarian, hunger awareness activist, promoter, entrepreneur and more. He’s covered with paint this morning and he’s the real deal.”  Brenda Michaels and Rob Spear,  Conscious Talk, national radio program. Brenda and Rob

“What do you get when you give a bunch of people some paint and turn up the music? Well, it’s of course, Paint Dancing” John Curley - Host of Evening Magazine.    VIDEO


“Matt, how did you come up with this crazy idea of Paint Dancing?”  Josephine Cheng - Host of City Stream TV show.  VIDEO

90k lbs of spuds Matt, how do you do it?” Jean Enerson King 5 News VIDEO

“Seattle’s most eligible singles list for 2006. Matt Jones, earthy entrepreneur.”  Seattle Metropolitan Magazine


“Seeds of Compassion teams up with Matt Jones to welcome the Dalai Lama with a special children’s paint dance.”  Seeds of Compassion  VIDEO

“Matt delivers first huge load of spuds to King 5 Team Harvest Food Drive.”  VIDEO


“Jones says mashed potatoes are the king of comfort food and the top of the food chain of cool.”   Amy Besunder - Real Change


“Paint Dancing with Matt Jones is a butt-shaking, paint-splattering, sing-out-loud experience that’s exactly like it sounds!” Kristin Dizon  Seattle PI.

"Matt Jones teams up with friend, Grammy nominated musician, David Lanz, to create a massive food drive in support of Northwest Harvest.”  VIDEO


“Paint Dancing is a cultural phenomenon sweeping the nation!” Tony Ventrella  The Seattle Channel VIDEO

"Home Team Harvest - Donor Spotlight: Matt Jones, the potato guy, teams up with FC Bloxom Co." Ashley Walls - King 5 News

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